Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 Great Resources For Getting Started With Scala

I've been aware of Scala for years, and it never really caught my interest. Every time I'd seen a Scala example, it was an insanely dense block of code solving some problem I'd never had before. However, once the creator of Groovy essentially endorsed Scala, I decided it was worth a closer look. I've since looked at a LOT of Scala content and these 4 resources really stand out for me. If you're interested in Scala, I highly recommend you start here:
  1. Programming In Scala - This is simply a great general-purpose programming book. In addition to being a gentle, clear introduction to the language, it's also a fantastic introduction to functional programming concepts and language design. Even if you hate Scala, this book will make you a better programmer.
  2. Pragmatic Real-World Scala - This video shows off all kinds of things that would make a Java developer drool.
  3. Scala For Java Refugees - Very well-written mostly gentle introduction to major Scala concepts.
  4. Daily Scala - Once you've done 1-3, and have written a few Scala apps, subscribe to Daily Scala. Thoughtful, bite-sized examples nearly every day.
  5. Another tour of Scala - A Java-centric breakdown of fundamental Scala features.