Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Intro to Scala for Java Programmers": slides, code, and links

Last week, I presented a talk titled "An Introduction to Scala for Java Programmers".  I had a lot of fun making it, and I learned a ton.  I thought it was interesting that the more I learned, the more I liked Scala.  This is certainly not always true of technologies that look good at first!

Here's the slides.  They're probably pretty reliant on the speaking that typically goes with them, but maybe you will see something interesting.

Here's the code I used to develop the slides.  It's in the form of an Eclipse workspace.  To use it, you'll need the Scala plugin installed on Eclipse.  Unfortunately, you'll need to use Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) instead of the latest.  Once it's installed, make sure you activate the Scala perspective, and import the sample code using File...Import...Existing Project Into Workspace, and use "Select Archive File" to import  The code is a downright odd collection of snippets, but I suspect it would be interesting to play with if you were curious about Scala.

Finally, I wanted to give better credit for some of the ideas and samples in the slides.

  • 3 interesting uses of traits: lifted from this awesome article
  • Actors: inspired by this great intro on Actors 
  • As useful as named parameters and default values are, I didn't have a good example to illustrate them until I found this intro on Artima
  • I think the format of the slides was guided by this article on combining OO and functional principles.
  • Many times, I ended up referring back to Programming in Scala for clarity.  It's a great general-purpose programming book.
Update: Some people have asked for a downloadable pdf - here it is