Saturday, October 22, 2005

Microsoft to buy Redhat?

I've finally gotten over my fear that I'd create a totally useless, misguided, and confused blog. I've gotten over it - I now know this blog will be be useless, misguided, and confused. My only three goals are:
  • Document weird problems I've encountered in the hopes that I can help someone avoid my frustration
  • Have inflamatory titles to attract people to read my blog, and respond to it.
  • Learn from responses to my posts
  • Vent.
I'm a Java programmer who has been working on roughly the same product since about 1998. That being said, I won't have many smart things to say about the hot topics of the day: AJAX, RoR, or Web 2.0. I will hopefully be able to share interesting experience on more mundane topics, like JDBC, i18n, webapp performance, maintainable code, and other such things.

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